Moving beverages from Europe to Canada can be difficult at the best of times and waiting for a load to ship can cause a lot of frustration.

At Mass, we specialize in nothing other than the movement of liquor from Europe to Western Canada. Our focus is on making sure that your highly valuable cargo is collected & delivered safely and quickly. The business was started from a passion for the phenomenal wine, beer and spirits produced on the continent. This is the passion we share with our clients and our goal is to support our fellow local businesses with best-in-class logistical services.

We deliver on this commitment through several core areas of focus.

• Personalized logistical services for our clients based on their needs

• Temperature-controlled options door-to-door to protect your products through Summer and Winter; the only regular service from Europe to Western Canada for LCL reefer shipments

• Centralized warehouse in Europe allowing for consolidation of orders from all over the continent; you name the location and we pick it up

• Speed of service with product picked up as soon as it is available at the supplier and clear communication if orders are not ready for collection

• Containers leaving Europe on a weekly average with live shipping schedules and related cut-off dates



• Transparent tracking and clear communication so you always know where things are from order receipt to delivery

• Local customer support in Western Canada available 24/7

• Fully customized insurance coverage tailored to your profile

• Centralized team in Europe for managing collection of your goods and regular communications with your suppliers to assist with loading requirements, customs, etc.

• We are a small business just like yours so every single shipment we send means a lot to us!